Wolfe Farm

Roger Wolfe served as a Supervisor for the Fairfield Soil and Water Conservation District from 1983 to 1998. Roger’s stewardship for our prime soils and water resources began at an early age where he heard from his father, “take care of the land and the land will take care of you.”  While in high school Roger rented an 83 acre farm where he worked toward developing his own farm management strategy.  Through these experiences he was first noticed by the agriculture community when he received a State Farmer Degree with the FFA at the recently formed Liberty Union High School.  

Roger was called to serve his country for two years in the US Army as a Combat Engineer. Although dedicated to Uncle Sam, he found time to farm in his spare time at his stations in Missouri and Wisconsin. He then attended The Ohio State University majoring in Agronomy. When the farm he had rented in high school came up for sale, Roger followed his heart home to secure the farm for his future life and family.

It is best to summarize Roger as a lifelong student, a sponge for knowledge if you will, and a servant to his community and family.

Roger lives and farms as an example of what we should all do to protect our resources and the fabric of our communities.  Roger’s dedication to his 208 acre farm on the prime farmland of Walnut Township has spoken to the community at large what conservation is.  From his tillage practices, to waterways, stream buffers and cover crop practices to the mounds of topsoil that were in his front yard for many years that demonstrated topsoil loss from an acre each year and in a farmer’s lifetime; the “professor” is happy to explain.  Roger proudly displays his farm signage collection with one for Preserved Farmland from the United States Department of Agriculture, the Ohio Department of Agriculture and the Fairfield County Commissioners.  This crowning achievement recognizes the value of prime soils, the conservation efforts of the Wolfe Family and value of agriculture to our local economy and future generations. As Roger said “I think I’ll paint it on the barn for people to see off State Route 37 - Farmland Forever.”  He never lets a moment pass to educate a neighbor, government official or lifelong friend on the importance of prime soils to sustain us.

Roger’s recent efforts have taken him to be an example and someone who will “test drive” and clear the way in new programs to show others it can be done.  He joined with the Fairfield Soil and Water Conservation District to organize the first Agricultural Security Area in Fairfield County and apply for the first tax abatement in the area for agri-business growth.  Roger is a “pioneer” in many areas and we believe his efforts will help guide sustainability in Fairfield County and Ohio for “forty generations or more.”

Roger’s dedication to our soil and water resources has brought him into many realms of action and committee structure:

            47 year member of the Farm Bureau of Fairfield County

                        Policy and Government Affairs

            27 year member of the All Ohio Chapter of Soil and Water Conservation

17 years on the Fairfield County Regional Planning Commission

                        Farmland Preservation Task Force

                        Rural Advisory Board

            15 years on the Board of the Fairfield Soil and Water Conservation District

            12 years on the Ohio Federation of Soil and Water Conservation District

            8 years on the Ohio Farmland Preservation Board

5 years as an advisor for the Fairfield Land Preservation Association

            Member Liberty Union Young Farmers

            4-H Advisor for the Buckeye Conservation Club

Member of the American Farmland Trust

            Member and Trustee for the Thurston United Methodist Church

His honors include:

The Columbus Dispatch

Blue Ribbon Farm Family

“Working Under Cover” Symposium Orlando, Florida

“Farming for Maximum Efficiency”

Soil and Water Conservation Society All Ohio Chapter

“Outstanding Member Award”

Nation Corn Growers Association

                        Ridge Till Yield Contest Winner four times and third in the nation once

Ohio Farm Bureau Federation Award for

“Excellence in Public Policy Achievement”

Southeast Ohio Farmland Preservation Summit in Logan Ohio with 10 agencies and land trusts in an effort to educate on the need to preserve our prime soils and farmland in 2009

Father of the 6th generation Wolfe Family farmers

Roger’s dedication and achievements have come with the support of a strong family who has supported his efforts to learn, demonstrate and educate.  Roger’s wife of over 40 years, Doris served as his secretary, cheerleader and outreach coordinator.  Roger is part of the first “father and son” Supervisors in the history of the Fairfield Soil and Water Conservation District.  Roger’s children have supported his efforts and his son Michael farms by his side today.  Michael was elected in 2009 to serve on the Fairfield Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors.